Deposify approached Billion Studio to help them redefine their communications and visual identity to better converse with a more consumer-focused audience. I worked as key designer on this rebrand along side Billion’s creative director.

  • Visual identity
  • Brand strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Website Design
  • UX/UI for product
  • External communications

Branding, website design and product UX for a growing Irish fintech.

Problem Statement

Up to this point Deposify had been in start up mode, focusing on gathering investment to push their offering further. The Deposify product is a platform that connects landlords and property managers to their tenants, allowing them to store security deposits so that both parties have full visibility and meeting strict compliance obligations in the US market. The problem that Deposify were now having is that their communication was not speaking to the property owners or tenants and they were ready to have these customers come on board.


Our first step was to create a new Customer Value Proposition for Deposify, one that would speak to their key audience. We began doing in-depth competitor analysis and holding a stakeholder workshop, identifying who the audience was and what messaging we really needed to get across to them. This resulted in the line, ‘Managing Security Deposits Just Got Easy.’


Building the entire brand around this line we created an identity that felt techy but also simple, honest and fun. We created custom icons that could be used across their communications and in app. Deposify wanted to keep their logo so we used the blue dot element to link it to the rest of their offering, again communication the all in one and easy process that the company offer.

Website redesign

Low fidelity wireframes and customer value proposition created as part of client workshops in planning phase.

The second part of the project was the design of a new website homepage which would quickly communicate their offering to property owners and residents. I began by creating a series of basic wireframes, which we reviewed and iterated upon with the client. The resulting site separated out Deposify’s communication in to their 2 main offerings, solutions around complexity of cash and the complexity of handling data.

deposify laptop screen showing screen from website design
deposify no charge for owners website mock up

UX/UI Dashboard and Product Screens

As part of our work for Deposify we also updated their product UI and improved some of their user experience. This included a dashboard that allowed the user to view their entire property portfolio in one place – providing information on any action that needs to take place, when and how. Other product features we designed included the residents information card, on boarding flow, FAQ sections and funds management.

deposify dashboard on a laptop screen

Social Media and Video content

Example of social media content created for Deposify, created in collaboration with our animator, Erick.


The rebrand and new site have allowed Deposify to catch the attention of a wider market, and at the end of 2019 led to them signing a multi-million dollar partnership with a large scale property insurance provider. Feedback from the communications I’ve created for them has been all round positive, establishing Deposify as a positive upstart in an otherwise innovation-hesitant market space.