Betconnect is a social betting exchange which allows average punters to gain tips and bet with or against professional gamblers. They came to Billion early in their development to help them with their brand strategic and product design. As a result I worked as product designer in their team for around 12 months, helping them to progress their product from beta to public launch and continued success.

  • Product design
  • Brand strategy
  • Website design
  • Marketing communication
  • Copywriting

Simplifying the experience of a complex betting exchange

Product Design Sprints

Desktop and mobile view of the product showing active Bet Requests

When we got involved with Betconnect they had already a UI in place, which meant my role as designer was more around making step by step improvements and fixes that would improve the user flow. This involved getting user feedback from their WhatsApp and Intercom customer channels, doing in house user testing and ongoing stakeholder meetings and reviews. I worked closely with their development team and product manager collaborating via Clubhouse, to create project cards that we followed and iterated on over short sprints.

Animation I created for marketing website homepage showing preview of the Bet Request experience.

All product screens were optimised to work on both mobile and desktop. The solution was to use a card system, which reflected a physical betting slip within a digital space.

Product Screens

Onboarding screen for the product – simple introduction to the concept.

Product main screen, including the ‘betconnect button’ which allows a user to request a bet from a pro.
This is an example of some of the UI for pro users I created. Here a pro is setting up their bet by first choosing the type of sport filtered by their most recently used. Adding the sort bar was a solution for making the process quicker for returning and expert users who would create bets on the same sports each time, especially as the project grows and more sports were added.
Bet Request Card – on this card the user sees a summary of the open bets they’ve matched with the pro or are waiting to be confirmed. Here I introduced a strategic use of colour that would be consistent throughout the app – orange is pending or open, blue is matched, green is won, red is lost and purple was used a warning or point of interest.
We also introduced various points of user context throughout the app. The client was concerned that while in the product users cannot tell that any one else is actively involved in the bet. I created panels like the above that indicated what other punters did on this bet to help with this issue for example, as well as live reports of active users on the bet request screens.

Strategy and Concept Development

ConnectFeed concept

As part of the product team I also developed some ‘to be’ concepts of how we could communicate the activity behind the paywall to potential customers. The idea was to create a ‘ConnectFeed’ that would give a highlight of bets and exchanges happening within the app and encourage users to sign up.

Supporting Material

As part of our relationship with Betconnect I also developed digital and physical marketing material in advertisements, animations, banners, pop ups and even decals for a promotional van.